Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Murphy's Law

Doesn't it just figure?  The second you want to have work done, all kinds of things happen.  I am redoing my craft room.  Totally.  Right now I have this bright yellow room with a Costco table and a ton of bins holding about half of my stuff.  Being the anal retentive girl that I am, this drives me crazy.  I am, "A place for everything, and everything in its place" person.  Every time someone posts a picture of their clay table disaster, I twitch.  

So, lucky me, I am having the ever-wonderful Charlie build me 3 walls full of stuff.  A brand new table that is long and narrower than the one I have.  A nice plexiglass top.  And tons of cupboards with doors, lots of shelves with doors, and a book case, with doors.  Can you tell I want to keep the cats out of my stuff?  He is going to make everything different heights so the kitties can run along the top and have a mini-playground.  

On Friday the floor guy will arrive to rip out our revolting carpeting and lay the same laminate that is in the rest of our condo.  Can you even imagine a clay room without clay all stuck in the carpet?  It will be a dream.

And when I drop a bead or something, it will bounce but I will be able to find it!  WHAT a concept! I am still looking for a bead I dropped several weeks ago.  It has vanished into the black hole of bead-dom.

This phenomenon reminds me of when I used to bartend.  If you dropped money on the mat behind the bar... it evaporated, never to be found again.  Where did all those quarters go?  I think they are circling the planet along with 5 billion tons of out dated and/or dead Sputniks.

I guess beads have now joined the eternal revolutions around Planet Earth.  

So, now I have to paint.  Because I painted my room bright yellow, I thought it needed some fun so I painted blue stars on the cupboards that are already hanging.  Naturally, this bit of insanity led to me having to take the doors off and sand away my stars.  :(  This was very painful.  I finished my last bit of sanding today.  

I am going to paint my new color... Yam!  Pumpkin!  Burnt Orange!  So, I am having a dilemma. Should I paint my walls the darker color and the new cabinets the lighter color?  Or, paint the walls the lighter color and the cabinets the darker color?  Convention says walls lighter, cabinets darker.  Naturally, I will do the opposite.  But... I can't decide.  Heeeeelp!  

And... do you think the Humane Society will come after me if I duct Tape Ipo to the wall to keep her away from wet paint?  SOOOOO many traumas!