Friday, June 28, 2013

Area 51

I had far too much fun making Area 51 earrings.  :)  I hope I don't suddenly disappear!  :D

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Embossing Fun!

One of my clay pals was destashing and had a ton of embossing powders.  Naturally, I just HAD to have them. :D  Then I hadda go buy an embossing gun as my heat gun blew the powder into the next zip code.  Sigh.  But, good old had a super one called ZAP!  It's great!  Has a little blowing power but at least I didn't have to go outside to find the powder.  It stay all nicely centered all over our stove.  Never mind.  Don't ask.

Ok, then another clay pal sent me some different powders that she got from some mysterious source that has long since ridden off into the sunset. of the envelopes was called..*southwest*.  Well, I LOVE the southwest and turquoise and carnelian and coral and silver and stuff.  So, I decided some fun beads were in my future.

Out came the clay and the new ZAP! and into the kitchen I toddled.  Hours later I had these cool beads and a lovely coating of embossing powder on the stove.  No.  It wasn't cooked.  ;)

In my stash I found these really cool faceted carnelian stones.  And I got out one of my wire books and made these curly coiled beads.  I had FUN!  Do you know there is about 2000 yards of wire in those beads?  Man, Parawire will be owned by me shortly.

Anyway, here is the end result of my efforts.  I love it!  ;D

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A New Fun Thing

This is something I have never made before.  What do you all think?  Is there a market for them?  I mean, do lots of people wear shawls and scarves?
This one is for my friend.  We wear shawls here sometimes and this was fun to make but I can't decide if they'd sell.  Chime in everybody!  :D

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seeing Stars

So, I got all these cool enameled stars and wanted to make all kinds of fun things.  I LOVE stars!  So, here's a pix of the *before*:
and the *after*:
Stellar, don'tcha think?  :D

Sunday, June 16, 2013


A few years ago my clay friend Ginger gave me a round ceramic box to cover.  I made cool leaves and flowers that look like they had melted on the leaves.  ;( Being far too lazy to *do* anything about the melted flowers, I left them until a couple weeks ago when I was washing a few layers of cat fur off the top.  It came right off the ceramic box and a flower broke.  Yay!

So, I took all the melted flowers off and threw them away and left the leaves, which I must say, were very cool.  I put the leaves on my work table then decided to make some fun sea glass.  I got my glass all done and no matter what I thought of... it sounded ugly. Then, I looked at the leaves, and I looked at my faux sea glass, and POOF!  Instant match!  This is the result:
I was SOO happy!  The *rope* is wire with seed beads coiled around it and attached to a fun vine-looking wire wrap that I thought would look good with the leaves.  A wire wrapped clasp and earrings and it's all done.  :D

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Holy Crow..It's Been TWO Months!

Yikes,  Two months since I was here.  I wonder if I have and friends left?

My friend Lee makes dichroic glass.  She makes other stuff, too, but her dichroic is just great!  So, I wanted to tell you about her shop.  I've purchased several pieces for bead embroidery and they are beautiful. In the picture below, you will see a necklace I made.  Lee kindly gave me that cab and I thought it was so cool that she ought to have it to wear as an advertisement for her beautiful glass.  So I made this necklace and sent it back to her.  She's in the Chicago area.
So, it came out nice, didn't it?  Maybe I should ask for it back?  No?  Ok, she gets to keep it.  :D  Isn't that brick pattern cool, tho?  LOVE those colors!

So, please go visit Lee's Etsy shops.  Let's see if I can do this so the links are clickable:
Please do pass on Lee's name to anyone who loves dichroic.  Happy Beading!  Happy Claying!  Happy everything!