Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wrist Bling

This beading thing is just FAR too much fun.  Thank you, Pammie for showing me how to put a serious dent in my bank account,  :D

I found this woman in Iowa who makes aluminum blanks and couldn't resist buying a bunch.  I love really wide cuffs so this 2 1/2 inch one is one of my far.  Next one I make will be 3 inches!  My Viking ancestors will be proud!  :D
Don't you just love that one red Swarovski?  I was thinking about calling this piece, "Prometheus".  Think lightning would strike me if I did?  :D  The gods got pretty made at Prometheus.  :D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Cuff For Chopped Liver

Hah, I seem to have this turquoise thing going on.  Beej's urchin, named Chopped Liver, needed a moe-opal something.  So, I thought, in my wonderfulness, that I'd make her an opal that was a mix of slate and denim blue then I could make her a contemporary necklace in shiny silver.  Hah, again.  The best laid plans.  :(  I get out my Adirondack inks and proceed to make the opal.  Looks great!  Perfect color and I'm a happy girl.

Then I cured it.  For reasons known only to the clay gods, the opal came out...PINK!  Yep, salmon pink.  Why me?  And I can't begin to tell you just how pukey that looked in the silver contemporary setting.  CL would have thrown it out the window!  It was not pretty.  :(  So, I spent the next couple weeks trying to decide what to do.  And making cuffs in the interim.

It finally dawned on me that opals really don't lend themselves all that well to contemporary designs.  So, I gave up on the uber cool and made this instead.
I think CL will like this.  If not, her mom will steal it.  :D  And who names their kid Chopped Liver, anyway?   :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gingerbelle's Toot

Hah!  I am now calling "tutes", "toots" because one day Brian was fixing stuff on the computer and I said...just make me a category for tutes.  When I looked, there was my file called, "Toots".  What a guy.  :D  So... "toots" it will now be.
Back to Gingerbelle.

My friend Ginger who lives in the wilds of Indiana is a clayer and a beader and a generally all around terrific person and crafter.  So, one fine day she came up with the idea of making beaded glasses cases.  I sniveled and whined so she gave me a sneak preview of the toot.  This is what I made:

In case you are wondering what that beautiful green background's Nicole's Bead Backing.  GREAT stuff!  Find Nicole and her wonderful bead backing over there>>>>>>>>> under supplies and shopping or whatever I called it. :)  CRS is a terrible thing. :D

Gingerbelle is really  But I call her Gonger or Gingerbelle.  So, she is working on her toot and should be ready soon.  I will go nag her.  :D

Monday, January 9, 2012

Beading Away!

I haven't done much except bead my little heart out lately. Now that the Holidays are over I need to catch up. How about you guys? Can you believe Christmas has come and gone already? 2012! Pretty soon we'll all be counting down the days until 12/21/12. :d

Anyway, until then, here is a new creation I made with my faux opals.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Shop!

A long time ago I had a shop in 1000 Markets.  They sold to Bonanza and I let my shop slide.  Too lazy for words, is me.  :(  Anyway, I decided to reopen my Bonanza shop so I've been taking photos and putting new stuff in it!  Please come visit me there!  It's  Now I have to go find my darling niece so she can put it on here for me.  :D  What are nieces for anyway?  :D