Monday, June 25, 2012

Fourth of July

My friend Janell wanted a 4th of July set.  She left it up to me except she wanted stars.  LOVE that girl!  She loves bling as much as I do so this is what I made for her.  I used glitter clay for the stars and lots f Swarovski crystals.  :D

Where's Ipo? and Other Fun Things

The other day I couldn't find Ipo.  As I was searching...I HAVE to know where that little Spawn of Satan is because if she's too quiet, she's getting into trouble... I looked at my breathing comforter that I'd left out in case I was struck by a nap.  :)  Sure enough.  Signs of SOS.  Is that just too cute?
And , I have been awfully remiss in blogging.  I decided that it was way past time to do something about my online shops.  So, my poor long suffering niece Col volunteered ( you DID volunteer, right, Col?) to make me new shops as the good people at Etsy were running screaming every time they saw an email coming in from me.

Anyway, I made (COL made) new specialty shops for me!  So, I have spent the last couple weeks doing nothing but taking pictures and listing things.  I forgot to look but I'm pretty sure Col put links to the shops over there>>>> at the right.  but here are the URLs just in case.
Is this great or what?  Specialty shops.  When I am looking for something, I found that I don't want to look through 17 pages of unrelated stuff.  The attention span of a gnat, yanno?  So now, If I wanted to buy a cool pen or a brooch, I'd just go to AlohaMoe Gifts and poof!  There they are.
I just listed a couple things.  I wonder what category I'd list Ipo in?  :D