Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last year I got crazy making these really cool twist pens.  They are really really nice pens and look marvelous covered with clay.  I get them from the ever wonderful Larry Rubin who owns Boston Craft Works.  He's over there>>>>>> so you can go click and see all the fun things Larry has for us to buy.

Anyway, I got new gun metal black pen gut kits.  I love this color!  So, here are the latest pens I made.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finished Fishies

Wow!  I finally got some fishy karma going and finished the last of my trio of fishy wall art.  :0  And this beaded polymer clay cab.  Such and industrious girl, is me.  :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cane Sets and Other Fun Things

Our clay friend Carolyn has been making all these really gorgeous canes sets.  She makes the best canes to begin with but now she's offering sets so you don't even have to think which colors go together.  And her canes are big enough so you can reduce them if you like and still have lots left over.  The bottom picture are some of the other sets.  s you can see I'm going to bead the orange and blue pendants.  What should I do with the purple?  I can't decide.

Are these not super canes?  Check out her canes sets at carolynsclaycreations.com.  They are beautiful!  Here's a pendant I made using a purple set.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Brain Fart

Here was me, reading this cool new wire book.  I find this really cool river rock bracelet by Lorelei Eurto and decide I wants one only from clay.  So, I toddle off to my table whereupon I create this excessively cool faux jade stones.  :)  LOVE that Pardo trans!  So, I make my stones and put the perpendicular pukas in and get out my wire.  I make jump rings and the spirals and all is right in my tiny world.  Except that the jump rings have to be big to go through the pukas.  They look great but now the bracelet won't lay against my wrist.  Enter above mentioned brain fart. Just HOW do I connect these stones now?  Anyone have any ideas?  Hellllp!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being Sick and The Grim Reaper

Ok, I'm starting with the Grim Reaper.  The other day B and I are in the car and I see this truck next to us.  It has a big picture of the Grim Reaper and his scythe.  And dead bugs.  I look again, sure enough, it says, The Grim Reaper.  No, this can NOT be a real company!  So, B says, why don't you see if they're in the Yellow Pages?  Ok, I do.  Sure enough.  Check it out.  Is this a great name for a bug killing company, or what?
And now a word about being sick.  Don't do it.  Being sick sucks.  I am almost never sick.  Really.  In the last 15 years, I have been sick exactly 4 times.  This past week being the 4th.  I am not a happy girl.  And it's all the Hunnibunni's fault.

The man simply will not learn.  Every time he goes to the mainland he comes home sick.  So, a couple weeks ago he was in Napa Valley and sure enough, brought home the Dread California Cooties.  I thought nothing of it as I never catch his cooties.  Hah, the universe paid me for my arrogance.  B was sick as a dog and actually had to go to the doctor and get all kinds of crap to take.  I am fine.  Then, 3 days later, the Cooties got me!  NOOOOO!

For some odd reason, altho I can't breathe, my eyes are running, my muscles hurt and I'm coughing like crazy and have an awful sore throat, I don't feel bad.  Aren't you supposed to feel awful?  So, I think this is a one day affair.  Hah.

I get partial laryngitis.  Crap.  Me.  I can hardly talk.  I could die from that!  I can croak out a little and sound amazingly like some creature from a slasher/sci fi movie.  It's now 4 days later and I am in the throes of...perhaps the cooties are dying???  But, I still sound like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and am coughing like crazy.  I have NO idea why.  My lungs are fine.  All the coughing is from my throat.  Aren't you supposed to cough because your lungs are full of dead and dying cooties?

Now what happens?  Getting over a cold is actually worse than having it, yanno?  Did you ever actually think about how disgusting it is getting over a cold?  Now, all those cooties are in you dying like fruit flies, right?  What happens to their little tiny carcasses?  They have to be ejected from you somehow.  Gick.

So, you now spend several days blowing and snorting and coughing and spitting and it's majorly revolting.  Anyone around you politely tries to pretend they can't hear you but when you look at their slightly bilious color, you know they DID hear you.  Now, on top of being disgusting, you are now embarrassed.  This must be why I rarely get sick.  it's just all too embarrassing.

But, undaunted by the Attack of the Dread California Cooties, I continued to make fun stuff.  Here is one thing.  I'll probably have to dip it in Clorox before I sell it.  Or call The Grim Reaper.  :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh No! PINK!

I got stuck in Blue Mode for a while which is pretty weird seeing as I don't much like blue.  But the last few days I have been overtaken by pink.  Yikes.  But, I like pink so this will be fun.  And, in keeping with my new *make your own ear wires* phase, Check out the wires, too.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Messing Around

And so, it came to pass that new ear wires were necessary.  Oh HO! I cried, I can make my own.  So, I have been messing around making cool ear wires.  And other fun clay and beady things.  Take a look!  :D

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some Fun Pendant Chokers

So, my clay pal T-Roo sold me these cool pendant frames and chokers.  This is what I made.  :D