Friday, July 30, 2010

Excessively Cool Molds

My clay pal Penni Jo makes the world's best molds!  You know how hard it is to find a perfect cab mold?  Penni Jo has them.  That and many more, too!  I have a few and love them!  I used Armorall once, when I first got them, and since then, I haven't even needed mold release.  How cool is that?  She is making texture sheets, too.  Now, I don't know if that's such a good idea as I am a texture junkie and will probably have to open a direct deposit to her account.  :(  Sigh......  So, go have a look if you are in the market for molds.  Go on...shoo, shoo... go look.  :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh Boy! A Big Fat Sale!

So, whaddaya think?  I decided that a mid-summer sale on my Etsy shop is in order.  I have tons of earrings made so I thought a $5.00 sale would be cool.  If I see a sale like that I'm THERE!  Perfect for gifts for all those people you want "just a little something" for at Holiday time.  And you get to wear them in the meantime.  :D  I did NOT say that!  Did I?  :D  Bad moe.  :(

So, here's a few photos of what I'm offering.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Stringing Mode

As you all know, I made these faux amber and the faux cinnabar a little while ago.  Lacking inspiration to string them, they just sat on my table.  Then, yesterday, inspiration struck and this is the joyful result.  What do you think?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Necklaces

I had all these really fun beads so I made them into long Happy Necklaces.  I just love them!  Also, what do you think of these green cylinder earrings?  They are so pretty in real life!  :D

Monday, July 26, 2010


Fooled you!  :D  You thought you were gonna get donuts, didn't you?  :D

I have been making beaded donuts bails inspired by Melinda Barta.  Here are my latest.  I don't know what this peach stone is, though.  Anyone????

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Brown Period

Artists have color periods where they paint in one predominant color.  I guess it's the thing to do.  :)  Anyway, without me even thinking about it, today was My Brown Period.  My clay pal Mary Kay made me these really great canes and gave them to me.  What a girl!  3 cheers for MK Ozarks!  Hip, hip, hooray!!!!  And big fat smoochies to YOU, MK!  :D  And to you, Kathi for all the cool canes YOU have given me!  And to YOU, Jacks!  And YOU, Caro!  And YOU, Sis!  Rats.  I think Blogspot is going to run out of room here.  :)  But, to all of you who have given me canes, a hundred thousand thank yous!

So, anyway, I gathered all the cool beads from MK's canes along with beads from other people's canes and made this long necklace.  Normally, I don't care for long necklaces as they have a tendency to see things like wine glasses and fling themselves out to knock over aforementioned wine.  The horror of it all.  :(  It's simply TOO traumatic to ponder.

And AGAIN with the Mary Kay!  Check out this windowpane.  (oiks, flashbacks!) I did NOT say that!  The devil made me do it.  :D

MK makes the best canes.  Really.  Not being a cane maker, ALL who make canes amaze me.  There are some top shelf cane makers in this world and Mary Kay is one of them.  Jackie's are super, Kathi's are terrific, Chris' are wonderful, the list goes on and on.  HOW do you guys DO that???  Anyway, let it be known that it's a good thing for all you marvelous cane makers.  If *I* had to make canes...yikes.  :D

Some Beady Things and More

Well, poor Hubby has been a sickly baby so I have been doing some beading and stuff in between nursing duties.  You guys blinded by my halo??  :)  So, here is what I have been playing with.  What chu think?  :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Swap Box

So, we had a fun swap with all the great people from Polymer Clay Central.  Connie, The Purple Princess was our hostess and today I got the box!  Heee.  Lots of goodies and prezzies and fun stuff!  So, pix!  I opened the box.
Ipo has to check it out

Goodies galore!

Hmm, this is the end of the box.
more goodies

and more!

and more....

lotta stuff in this box!

What I took out to keep

box is packed up and almost ready to go but wait!!! what happened to the stuff I have to put in!  OIKS!

here it is

now it's ready to go but... is it???I opened my present!  Is I a lucky girl, or what?  :)

Ipo wanted to check out the cupboard and my purse.  :D
And so, the box isn't full so I will toddle off to my studio and find even more goodies to put in.  Howz dat, clay pals?  ;D