Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Fun!

Now that I've freaked myself out by figuring out just how many days I have left until my craft fair season, I thought I'd better get on it and finish some goodies.  I was going to call this one, *Dawn in the Desert* but I decided on *Desert Mesa* instead.  I'm amazed at how light this piece is.  I was afraid it would be heavy but it's not at all.  Odd, that.  :D
And on a smaller scale.... a wire wrapped polymer clay and brass set.  I usually like the wild stuff but, for some reason, I love this brass set.  I think it's the earrings.  :D

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting Ready For Craft Fair Season

Oh boy!  How did it get to be the middle of October already?  Hmmm?  Somebody tell me that?  But, to my great dismay, time is running out so I am diving in to all the goodies I have laying around and turning them into wearable art.

There's this nice lady in Turkey who has cool supplies and I got these agates from her.  Man, Turkey is SOOO far away from Hawaii!  :D
Ok, off to make more goodies!  :D

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bedtime Kitties

Allie just LOVES the bed.  She'd spend all day on it, I think.  Isn't she cute?  Ignore the gruesome color.  Nighttime shots don't come out too good.  :(
But look at Ipo in her Lump and Mole roles.  :D

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Having Entirely Too Much Fun

Yanno how brain damage just "gets" you one fine day when you're not looking?  Well, I woke up one day and did the Happy Dance because life is good then...WHAM!...instant brain damage.  I decided, for absolutely NO good reason that I wanted to weave a Cellini spiral.  Now, for those of you who don't bead, lemme just tell you that altho they are gorgeous... Cellini spirals are kind of like soft steel when they are done.  They have the bendability of rebar.  :(  Anyway, I wanted to make one, so I did.

Naturally, it had to only be the focal because no way was it going to bend around anyone's neck.  So, I got out my Carolyn Good's color system and found the perfect clay match.  See those two little balls at the end?  heh, heh.  Don'tcha LOVE polymer?  So, here's my finished piece.  If I do say so myself...I love it. :D
And then I decided to mess around with powders and clay some more.  So I made a Pile Of Fall Leaves.  I love this, too.  Too bad we don't have fall here.