Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What To Do When Your Muse Leaves

Ok, the ever-wonderful Carolyn Good has found the answer to this question!!  You know how you just wanna go play with your clay but you have no *oomph* and nothing in mind to make but you just wanna do SOMETHING?  Well, Carolyn's Color System toot [how the Hunnibunni spells it  :D] is the PERFECT answer!

I bought her toot a while ago and had some (ok, I admit it) problems grasping the idea.  I can almost remember when I was smart.  Can't think when I started getting dumber than rocks.  :(  But, I digress....

Anyway, one day I decided I would make color mixes.  Yep... I have bought many and tried many and the mere thought of yet another color mixing toot made my Last Remaining Brain Cell start quivering in fear.  But, I bravely got out all my clay.  See mess below:

Undaunted, I dove in.  Now, a collective "AWWWWW, POOR Carolyn" here, if you please.  The long-suffering woman had to put up with frantic emails because my LRBC just couldn't *get* it.  Then, it dawned and the light shone brightly.  My LRBC was happy.  I figured it out then wondered how it could have seemed like a hard thing.  Jeez.  There is no help for me, yanno?  And poor Carolyn.  Her halo is shiny!  Not once did she tell me to take the proverbial hike.  Not a single time did she tell me to take a long walk off a short pier.  What a girl!

So, for the first time I had a roaring good time making new colors.  It was just the perfect thing to do when I wanted to make something but didn't have anything in mind.  I got to play with my clay, make gorgeous color combinations and not have to produce a finished product to sell.  Therapy for clayers.  :D

So, here are some of the fun things I made with my new colors!

And check out those fun tube beads.  Carolyn strikes again!  :)  These are from her texture toot.  So, go visit her blog at www.2goodclaymates.blogspot.com  I also got her brand new bargello toot but haven't got to play with it yet.

I LOVE this color system.  You can make all these fabulous colors and it just really rejuvenates the old brain-dead muse.  Even my LRBC is feeling perkier!  :D

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun Stuff

Hi Everybody!  Haven't seen you guys in a while.  Thanks for stopping by! :D

I need some suggestions, ok?  I got Christi Friesen's new Flourish book and now have leaves on the brain.  So, I made these leaves last night and have ZERO idea of what to do with them.  They are about 2 1/2 inches at their widest.  I guess they should go on a box?  Help!

And then I got Sherry Kellberg's toot on how to make faux lamp work glass.  Now, this is a really fun toot!  :D  I made these blue and green mokume gane beads then spent 3 days putting on dots of liquid clay.
As you can see, on the last curing, the liquid clay started to singe.  Now...my oven stayed at 275 according to the thermometer.  This is the very first time ever that I had something burn.  Oddly, all these beads were on the same bead rack.  Check out this bead here:
This bead was right next to the barrel above.  How did just one bead get so dark?  But wanna know the coolest thing?  Even this bead is beautiful.  Instead of just being burned, the singed part is a root beer color with red highlights.  It looks like dark amber and is really pretty.

So, because the singeing made such pretty gold sparkly colors, I made this bracelet.

And, when I'm not torching faux glass beads, I am making color combinations from Carolyn Good's Fabulous Color System.  But that's for another blog soon! :D

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Upon Being Old :(

Well, yesterday was my birthday and a fun time was had by all.  So, here's the *official* picture of Moe At 66.  YIKES!