Saturday, January 31, 2009



YEEEHAH!  My craft room is finally done!  Wanna see?  :D  After a 4 month wait I finally got the ever-wonderful Charlie out to install my new ceiling tiles.  Now the room is finished and I am happy as little clams.  A whole HERD of clams!  ANd I even made a cool switch plate cover to *match* my new ceiling.  Ok, pix.... here they are!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

On A Roll


Here I was blithely making goodies and using up some canes I had when I discovered that my cane friend Ginger and Seana had the same ideas at the same time!  This brown flower set?  Ginger was making a brown flower necklace all the way in the midwest!  ANd I was happily making all these pink floral hearts when I went to the PCC forum only to see that Seana had made all these gorgeous pink hearts!  Hmmmm, what goes here?  The hearts are still in my oven but here are some pictures of other things I made.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is it Too Early For Spring?


Lately I have been cleaning out all my goodies and sorting.  Because of that, I wasn't doing any claying.  Yikes.  So, the last couple days I got crazy at my clay table.  I made this set that I think is just super (she says modestly).  :D  I love this black and caned bracelet, too.  For some reason I'm on a bracelet kick.  What do you think?  Don't most of us love bracelets?  Hunh?  We do, right?  Say yes.  Thnx.  :D

Friday, January 23, 2009

Clark, The Cutest Little Monkey!

Hi Everyone! I am having technological troubles here, as you can see. :(

Anyway, my friend Beth made the world's cutest monkey cane. He has this adorable big smile. I kept thinking... WHO does that remind me of? The answer was Clark Gable. :D So, now the little monkey's name is Clark. Beth is on the above flickr site and her flickr name is Destined2clay. Please go look at little clark and leave Beth some comments. He's just too cute!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Time No See


Hiya!  I have been MIA.  Not good.  But, let me tell you just what I have been doing.  I know you are just DYING to know!  :)

Ok, first of all I am getting ready to become officially OLD on February 6th.  Now, how much fun is that?  I even applied for my social security!  Wore me right out.  But, let me tell you this... if anyone is planning on getting old and applying... call the 1-800 number.  They were SO nice.  

I have also been cleaning out all my stash.  I have tons and tons of stuff so I clean it all out then foist it off on my worthy pals.  Well, I will rethink *worthy* here.  :)  I posted some of my new goodies on my flickr and will put a picture or two here.  The stuff I had left over I am remaking into new things.  I found a few years ago that if something didn't sell in one incarnation...redo it! Works like a charm.

I bought the new Kato book and a couple new wire working books so I have tons of stuff to try if I ever get finished reorganizing.  Naturally, Ipo is helping.  :(

Don't you just love that faux jade?  It looks so real and is WAY less expensive.  And that jasper came out pretty good, too, methinks.  I love jasper and I figure winter is the time to wear it.  I wore the earrings around one day because a friend said she thought they looked heavy.  They weren't at all.  Ok, back to the grind stone for me.

And tune up those vocal chords!  I wanna hear all of you singing me happy birthday, ok?  :D xoxoxo

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some New Stuff


Hi Everyone!

The Brass Boutique is having a contest so I made these earrings for it.  :D  And the wire wrap set is for my friend Janell who is always supporting me and buying gobs of stuff and even selling my stuff!  What a friend she is.  And she loves wire wrap so I made this set for her.  I can't wait to give it to her!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Terrific Site

I just gotta say all kinds of nice things about the Wigjig folks.  Because I think it's a good thing to tell someone when they do a nice thing, I emailed them to say thanks for the information and tutes and products and everything they offer.  And I just got a personal email back thanking me for my email!  And, it wasn't just a blanket * thank you for contacting Wigjig* statement.  The woman actually mentioned what I had written.  How great is that for customer service!

Man, there is hope!  Between Wigjig and the Clay Store in Florida.... we can't go wrong!  And speaking of that..I got other fun news.  

I was getting inundated with emails from Vista Print.  Well, I needed new cards and they had some super specials so I went ahead and ordered.  When I got my cards, they had forgotten a part of my email address.  Sigh.... I figured... you get what you pay for so I didn't do anything about it.  

Today I got a phone call from this lovely man sitting in Jamaica.  He was calling to find out if I was happy with my Vista Print order.  Poor guy.  I told him what was wrong.  He credited the whole order.  Now I can reorder all those cards for free.  Isn't that nice?  And just when I was thinking Vista Print was awful because I could never get a reply from them.  I am going to email VP and tell them to give that man a raise! He was great.  And, just in case you're wondering, the cards were great.  It's just my email was off and... it could have been my fault.  (actually, it's Ipo's fault) Can you imagine that?   So, I will go order my new ones soon.  I have a whole year.  I is a happy girl!  :D

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wire Work


Well, I just LOVE wire!  Love it!  So, I was ordering some goodies from the wonderful Wigjig site and they had this tute on there.  I couldn't resist making it.  But I Used those mocha Swarovskis where the tute used red.  I can't wait to get my order so I can produce even more fun stuff!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Picture


What I Did With The Elf Baby

Hi Everyone!

I finally found something to do with my Elf baby!  Kathi, Ms. Dragonsglass, gave me this cool wreath.  So, I made weird flowers in her honor.  :)  Then I thought...HEY!  What could be better for the elf baby than on a wreath with odd flowers?  So, here is the finished product.  Kid looks happy, no?  :D  

Hmmm, Blogspot is having picture trouble.  :(  It won't let me upload my wreath.  I will try later.  Now you'll just have to come back to see it.  Heeeee.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!


Did you all have a dandy Holiday Season?  I sure hope so!  We all got into these cute little leaf pod babies and I forgot the name the sweet woman who made the tute.  SORRY!  She is such a nice person and I'm a doof for forgetting her name.  Bummers.  Anyway, here is my first attempt.  I'm not wild about it but next one will be cuter.  Really.  :D