Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun New Things


Finally I got some sale items on my Etsy!  Yay!  And I made a cool new bracelet.  Wanna see?  Ok.  I think I will restring it, though.  I fear the elastic I used isn't strong enough.  Poop.  I already restrung it twice.  Sigh.....

And I finally got my antiqued findings so I could finish my cloisonne and bronze goodies.  And I even made a couple Christmas things!  A friend informed me that there are something like 157 days until Christmas. :::::runs screaming::::::

Friday, July 25, 2008

Heads Up On The Upcoming Sale!


You know how every summer they have *End of Summer!* sales?  And they offer all this great summer stuff that you can't possible wear because you are looking at the thermometer and it say 56 degrees?  So, you put it away for next year then next year arrives and it's a whole new world of stuff you don't have?  So you give all your sale stuff to Aunty because she just doesn't care if she's *in* or not?

Well, I, single handedly, am gonna fix that problem!  Heh, heh.  *I* am going to have a *Summer Sale!* BEFORE the end of summer.  I'm going to have it in August!  If I can get my you-know-what together, I will have it for all of August.  So, you can get all kinds of great deals AND actually get to wear it!  Hooray!  Here are a couple of pictures of fun stuff.  :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Bruce Meets New Creatures


The Bruce and Bhaltair have not had many adventures lately.  So, we gave them a new outlook on life and introduced them to the World of Cute critters.  The Bruce promptly fainted as he thought he was being replaced.  Never!  Bhaltair isn't so nervous.   But, aren't they all adorable?  :D

The Merlin Chair and Other Fun Stuff


Well, a while ago I went out to the car and past our "dump" area.  That is this place at our condo where you can leave items you don't want but are too good to throw away.  There sat this perfectly good solid oak dining room chair.  The poor thing was suffering horribly from a terminal case of "The 70's".  You know, worn brown wood and torn gold velvet seat?  ICK!  

So, I dragged it into our apartment to "fix".  I decided that all wizards need a chair.  So, I created The Merlin Chair.  I am thinking about listing it on Craig's List.  What do you guys think?

Also, I am making these earrings but I don't know which side to face out.  So, I need votes!  Which side do you like?  Thanks!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Wire Work


Hi Everyone!

I have this great client named Janell.  She buys lots of stuff from me and is a total sweetheart.  Anyway, she bought this bracelet.  Then she wanted earrings.  So I made those.  Then she wanted a necklace.  I had to order the brown wire so it was a while and she thought I forgot.  No way!  It took me a couple weeks as my nylon pliers took about 3 layers of skin off my  thumb.  But, it is finished and I am very happy with how it turned. out.  What do you think?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some New Goodies


Hi Everyone!  I have been remiss in keeping up with my blog.  Sorry!  We had tons of fun at B's birthday party and The Bruce drank way more than his fair share of wine.  So, what else is new?

But... I have been making some fun things.  Chris sent me this really cool leaf cane so I made a pendant that I think is just SOOOO pretty!  And I made two others, also.  

Sales have been super and I'm a happy girl!  And... did I tell you I received those adorable little critters from World of Cute?  They are even cuter in person.  Maybe this weekend I will introduce them to The Bruce!  That will be fun.  :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Presents From Scotland


Tomorrow is Brian's birthday.  Now he's old.  :)  So, dear sweet Chris sent him golf goodies from St. Andrews.  He is SOOOO happy!  She also sent a tam that he looks adorable in.  Except it had this red hair stuff on it.  Ipo, our gray tiger stripe wanted to eat it so I removed it from the tam and Ipo went after it.  Allie, our black and white, wouldn't even look at it.  CHris also sent The Bruce and Bhaltair new tams.  They were so happy they wouldn't even take them off.  

And speaking of hats, Bhaltair wanted a party hat fro Brian's party tomorrow so I made him one.  Now, both the wee cows will be wearing their party hats and all the people at the party will be modeling the tam!  Sans red hair.  :)  More pictures to come!  Yes, The Bruce will, no doubt, drink too much wine.  He's been so good for sooooo long!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do You Need Cute Little Animals?

I was perusing my Etsy site the other day and gloating over all the hearts various kind souls have posted on my site.  Then I see this one... World Of Cute.  I think...cute?  Ok, I will go look.  The person was nice enough to heart me, the least I can do is look at her stuff and heart her.  I'm just revoltingly nice, no?  :)

Anyhow, I go look at her site.  The absolute cutest little stuffed animals I have ever seen.  Just adorable.  I fall in love.  I am getting old.  I can not believe I think cute is.... cute.  Sigh........

Anyway, The talented woman's name is Sharon and she describes one of her little guys as having a "cheeky" look.  Now, what do you think of when you think of cheeky?  I think of rubberless, O ringless Scotland.  :D  And England.  Excuse me... The United Kingdom.  So, I email her and ask where she is and tell her I guess she is in England.  I also tell her how adorable her creations are and if I ever run into a kid who needs a present, I will buy from her.

So, today I look at her site again.  All those cute little faces are still looking at me.  I can hear them crying.... buy me!  I'm a sucker.  I buy 2.  Then I get this funny email from Mrs. Cute Bunnies.  GUESS where she is?  In England?  No.  She is down the road from me in Pearl City!  I am tickled all the way to fushia!  And what does this lovely person do but refund my shipping charges.  Is that cool, or what?    Now, she will only do that if you can pronounce Kalanianaole and Kamakawiwaole without making any mistakes.  :D  Sharon, you are safe!  So, everyone go look at Sharon's darling little animals.  They are just...cute!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Post Office Woes

We were having a discussion on PCC about post office woes.  I just HAD to add my 2 cents.  Do you know that our government has come up with a new way to torture us?  Yep.  If you are going to mail something outside the USA, you need to fill out a customs form.  Ok, that's fair.  But NOW!  Hah!  We also have to fill out, in addition to the customs form, a SIX PAGE form that goes... ready?...  INSIDE your box that you are mailing.  This insures that your friend who opens whatever you have mailed her, can read all about it in addition to seeing what you have mailed her.  Don't ya love it?  INSIDE your box.  Does anyone actually know if you have filled out this form?  Nope.  They have to take your word for it.  

When I asked the reason for this bright idea, I was told that MAYBE your box will get lost.  I says, batting my eyes innocently, "if my box is lost, how are they going to have the form as the form is INSIDE my lost box!"  Dead silence.

All I want to know is how much do they pay the guy who comes up with these ideas.  And, more importantly, WHY do they pay him.  :D  What a country!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Some New Goodies


I love orange.  It's my all time favorite color.  So, I bought some canes from the ever-wonderful Sue Castle who makes FAB canes.  You know why her canes are so great? I'm glad you asked.  I will enlighten you.  :) Her canes are great for several reasons.  One being that there is very little trans.  This means you don't have to spend lots of time cutting it away so you don't get ghosts.  Or halos.  The next thing is that they are always perfect.  No smearing, the edges are crisp and sharp. And you get a nice big cane.  I love this as I can reduce the canes and have several sizes of the same flower.  I'm telling you, Sue makes wonderful canes!  If you go click on Sue Castle's Canes, you can see all her beauties.  Anyway, I made this pendant from Sue's canes.  I just LOVE it!  

And, I am sorry to say that I can't remember who made the cane for the earrings.  I think it's dandy and wish I could give credit here.  I love purple, too.  :)  So, I am off to go put these on my Etsy.  See you later!