Friday, March 26, 2010

Ipo Approves

Yesterday the guy came and installed our new copper sink and marble.  Ipo had to check it out.  I think she approves.  :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ipo Proof Walls

The ever-wonderful Charlie and Pooch (don't ask) came today and roughed in our new Ipo proof walls.  Here are Allie and Ipo checking it out.  I think Allie was hoping Charlie left her some salmon in the tub.  :D  And look at Ipo.  She is NOT a happy girl that there is a wall in her way.  :D

How Ipo Did It

Ok, sorry.  I thought I had mentioned how the little rat did it. In the wall, attached to the pipes are levers.  Apparently, she figured out that if she pressed her paw down on it, water would come out.  She did and it did.  :(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cat For Sale

These renovations couldn't possibly have gone off without a hitch, could they?  Well, they might have had it not been for The Evil Ipo.  Now, I'll take cash, trade clay, beads.... whatever.  Probably wind up giving her away free.  This is why.  Man.  :(

Brian and I are placidly watching TV last night when, about 10:30 we hear what sounds like Niagara Falls Pacific coming from our torn apart master bath.  I fly off the couch and into the bathroom where the Evil Ipo is racing out the door, low to the ground as only cats who have perpetrated some terrible crime can do.

Water is pouring out of the wall and flooding the floor.  "Holy shit!" I yell.  Naturally, I don't have on my reading glasses and it's dark in the bathroom so I can't see where the water is coming from so I can stop it.  Luckily, the wonderful Brian finds the lever and shuts it off.  Water is everywhere.

I get out the mop while B goes downstairs to see what havoc the Evil Ipo has wreaked upon the party room directly below our condo.  I know it is not good because, as the concrete floor is torn up and the walls are torn out, I can hear the resident manager and another male voice.  There goes our $1000.00 deposit.  And they think workman might be the cause of damage.  Hah.  Obviously they have never met Ipo.

After a long while B comes back and says the water has flooded the brand new ceiling tiles and soaked the tables and couch and carpeting and is also dripping from the light fixture.   I see dollar signs zipping by so fast I am dizzy.

Luckily, our resident manager is an electrician so he can fix whatever has happened once the water dries up so he doesn't electrocute himself.

Ipo is now sitting on the kitchen counter yelling for her snacks.  She rapidly becomes familiar with the term, "FAT CHANCE!!"  As well as some other choice phrases.

As I write this the little wretch is siting outside the master bath door crying to go in the bathroom.  Once again she hears her new phrase.  She also hears awful things like Kitty Fur Gloves and Kitty Stew.  She also hears the dread words, Humane Society.  And Euthanasia.  And Dog.  She is a kitty living on the edge.  But God loves her and has made he one of the cutest kitties in the universe so I will have to get over my urge to do her in.  Although, to the highest bidder..... she's got herself a new home.  Just keep her away from the plumbing.  :(

Here are pictures so you can see where the little rat got into the wall.  But, aren't they cute playing in our new soaking tub?  Well, Allie is cute.  :(

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Floating Ipo

Ipo has decided she likes our new tub and doesn't want to wait until it's hooked up.  So, she is prating to the Mother Ship that the plastic wrap holds her weight. I keep waiting for a claw to go through the wrap and Ipo winds up at the bottom of the tub.  Isn't she cute?  The little brat.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some New Creations

It was so much fun making my last macrame cord necklace that I made another one!  I love this one because I think the large flat textured focal is great.  I'm SOOO humble.  :)  What do you think??

And here is my latest beaded cuff.  I love this one, too.   It's a shame the picture doesn't show how colorful and sparkly it is.  The crystals are purple.  It's kind of a PITA to hook but it looks really really nice once it's done.  Comments are appreciated!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Wine Chronicles

You all thought I forgot you. I did not. It's been unusual around here lately. :O We decided it was time to remodel our master bathroom. Now, you all remember the Tale of the Air Conditioning Fiasco. Now we have THE NEW BATHROOM. Oh boy.  In case you are wondering what that nasty piece of ply is and why it's duct taped to the wall, please look at back posts till you find the story about the a/c doofs.  And you guys think I am pulling your collective legs when I tell you stories.  They are TRUE!  :D  What a day!

So a couple weeks ago the ever-wonderful Charlie came and did his usual fabulous job of demolition. Everything out and the place was spic and span when he left. Ipo had an attack. Her drinking fountain was gone. So, the last two weeks or so have been teaching Ipo that water comes out of all faucets, not just the icky old tub which is now laying in cast iron pieces in a dump somewhere.

And I finally regained my hearing after making the horrendous error of sticking my head in the door just as Charlie's son was swinging his huge sledge hammer into the cast iron tub to break it up. I was certain my ears were bleeding. :(

So, today Charlie returns. He is going to drywall and build a support frame for your new bathtub. It's a square jacuzzi style that you sit in and the water comes up high on your shoulders. Ok, all is good. Charlie and Pooch show up. Don't ask, ok?

Anyhow, they get to work then decide it's time to take the tub in. It has been sitting, upside down in our bedroom for weeks now. The cats think it is their jungle jim. So, Pooch and Charlie drag the thing to the door and guess what? It won't fit through the door. I freak. I am beginning to hear murmurings from the fridge.

Charlie, being the unruffled guy that he is says, no worry! He will just cut the door frame then replace it and patch the cut. Ok, I have tunnel vision when it comes to Charlie. He can do anything. So, I point to the bedroom door and ask, "but what about this?" See the picture? The door sticks out a couple inches over the bathroom door. Charlie gives me side-eye and says, 'well, I'll just close the door." I was hysterical and we both had a grand laugh at Maureen being not only senior but not-too-bright, too. I am now certain that I hear my wine calling me.

So, a couple hours of pounding and sawing and a few expletives from the happy Pooch, they get the tub into the bathroom. Then I hear, "Holy shit!" Uhoh. I refreak and go running into the bathroom.

There is water pouring out of a pipe. WHAT??? Where did this water come from? The water has been off for weeks! But again, Charlie to the rescue. He figures out that it was just standing water in the P trap... which is shaped exactly like a U. Go figure.

Ok, he fixes that and I slink back to the computer waiting for my blood pressure to return to normal. My wine is now audibly shouting at me. It's about 11AM.

Meanwhile, Ipo is hiding in the closet but Allie, who is normally the easiest kitty in the universe has been wandering around the house wailing. I think she wants wine, too.  She's normally such a good kitty I consider sharing.  But only for a second.  It can't be good for her, I rationalize.  :D

So. Things are going well when Charlie gets a phone call. There is a leaky roof on a house he was building. So, he and Pooch clean up the bathroom and will be back tomorrow for Part II. This will entail more pounding and sawing and drywalling and durocking and stuff.

As of this minute, Ipo is in the bathroom trying to paw her way through all the cardboard so she can get into the open walls. I'm telling you, she gets stuck in there and it won't be pretty. Isn't remodeling fun? I'll see you tomorrow. I have to go let my poor abused wine out of the fridge. :D