Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Tsunami That Wasn't

Well, what a day! After that horrendous earthquake in Chile we in Hawaii spent the whole day waiting for a tsunami that barely happened. Man, we were so lucky! The worst it did was cancel our party we had all planned. :( And close down the entire state. There were all these pictures of the closed beaches, streets and highways. It was so nice to see NO traffic!

There is a canal that runs from the mountains to the ocean called the Ala Wai. The water always runs from the mountains into the ocean. The tsunami made it run backwards! And the level of water was very high but that's the worst that happened. Except for our party. What a bummer. :(

The awful tsunami is racing for Japan as we speak. Hold them in your thoughts, please. We were spared so let's hope they are, too. And please send healing thoughts to Chile and Argentina. Those poor people. Thanks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi To Some New Friends

My clay friend Tami Shvat said she gave this blog address to her friends at her guild. So, I'd like to give a warm ALOHA! to the Israeli polymer Clay Guild. Thanks for coming to visit Hawaii, Ladies! :D Stop by my blog anytime, I'm happy to see you! :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Store!

My poor long-suffering niece spent hours yanking out her hair but she did it! She made me a Store Front on FaceBook! Now it's up to me to get the shop filled up.
Here is a picture of my newest necklace:

And the latest Ipo picture.  :)  She looks like the Cheshire Cat, with her smile, doesn't she? :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Clay Friend

Hi Everyone!

Hey, wanna see what I got?  I know you do!  :D  The coolest canes in the world from my new clay friend Tami in Israel.  She makes the most gorgeous canes!  If you are a cane buyer, go look at her site. It's,

I got my order a couple days ago and was just amazed at the beautiful intricate work!  I can barely make a bulls eye cane and Tami is making bouquets!  Oiks!  They came all wrapped perfectly then tucked into sections of what looks like pvc pipe.  Shipping was very low considering Hawaii to Israel is more than just a few miles.  :)  Tami's canes are BIG, too.  I reduced one 2 inch section ( that black background with the white rose) to about 8 inches of wonderful cane!  The pictures on Tami's Etsy are good but wait until you see the canes in real life!  Just perfect!  So, go have a look, ok?  Here's a view of mine!  :D  Eat your hearts out fellow clayers!  :D

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Birthday

Hiya!  Ok, yesterday I had my 63 birthday.  HOW did that happen?  Oiks.  Can we spell OLD??  :(

Anyway, my friend Pat took me out for lunch then we came back to our place to open presents.  :D  I LOVE presents!  When we got home, my Hunnibunni had the table all set with cake and Perrier in martini glasses.  And cloth napkins and place mats:D  How cute is that?  And 3 smiley faced birthday candles.    I guess if he put on the other 60, the fire sprinklers would have gone off and we'd have to call the fire department then buy all new furniture.  :(

You are probably wondering why we had the PETA stuff.  :D  Well, Pat has this gorgeous dress that had some mold or crud on it so I was lending her this stain remover stuff.  We decided it would be fun to take pictures with it.  We are silly.  Ok, ok... *I* am silly.  So, here are the pictures.  The last picture is kind of sucky but what a great shirt!  A good time was had by all!  :D

Hi Mike!