Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Store!

My poor long-suffering niece spent hours yanking out her hair but she did it! She made me a Store Front on FaceBook! Now it's up to me to get the shop filled up.
Here is a picture of my newest necklace:

And the latest Ipo picture.  :)  She looks like the Cheshire Cat, with her smile, doesn't she? :)


Melobeau said...

Nice new pendant! Love the colors and your delicate beaded edging. I predict it's going to sell quickly. Looks like the Cheshire cat is smiling his approval, too. That sweet niece of yours is a treasure. Hope you make lots of Facebook sales.

MoeArt said...

Anita, you are the sweetie of the universe! Col just told me how to make the pictures bigger. No... the FONT bigger. Sounds like I may have to have some wine nearby. :)

Knightwork Studio said...

I hope the long suffering niece was properly rewarded!! ...(just sucking up in case I need to borrow her.)

Love the beaded pendant, very pretty!!


MoeArt said...

Beej, I warned Col about you! :D