Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Birthday

Hiya!  Ok, yesterday I had my 63 birthday.  HOW did that happen?  Oiks.  Can we spell OLD??  :(

Anyway, my friend Pat took me out for lunch then we came back to our place to open presents.  :D  I LOVE presents!  When we got home, my Hunnibunni had the table all set with cake and Perrier in martini glasses.  And cloth napkins and place mats:D  How cute is that?  And 3 smiley faced birthday candles.    I guess if he put on the other 60, the fire sprinklers would have gone off and we'd have to call the fire department then buy all new furniture.  :(

You are probably wondering why we had the PETA stuff.  :D  Well, Pat has this gorgeous dress that had some mold or crud on it so I was lending her this stain remover stuff.  We decided it would be fun to take pictures with it.  We are silly.  Ok, ok... *I* am silly.  So, here are the pictures.  The last picture is kind of sucky but what a great shirt!  A good time was had by all!  :D

Hi Mike!


Melobeau said...

Moe, Sounds like you had one pretty cool special day. The smile on your face says it all! Neat Kliban cat and great shirt.

Mary Lamoray said...

Happy birthday Moe!! And may I say you look FAB!! :)

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Happy Birthday, you baby.
63. you dont look a day older than
Seriously, you look great and happy and had a nice party.
I have often looked at your blog, but blogging around this morn found you, instead of getting on with my own , here I am.
Love all your work, and am a mad polymer clayist myself. Love

MoeArt said...

Thanks, Anita! We had tons of fun! :D

MoeArt said...

Thanks, S! I'm sorry to say I can't it Sharon? My apologies! :(

MoeArt said...

Mahalo, E! You look pretty darn good, too! We is CUTE! So, when are you going to come join our Polymer Clay Central Forum? We'd love another clayer! And I wanna see what you're making! We have fun there, it's free and you'll be happily received! Come join us!