Saturday, September 8, 2012

Angels and Royals

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas.  Can you believe that???  So, I am making protea angels.  I have a few protea flowers that I've been drying for the last few months.  Today I made my first one of the almost-Season.
She has the cutes mop of hair, doesn't she?  ;)
And I made this gorgeous earrings.  Don't they look like the Queen should be wearing them?  And royal purple, too.  ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Look Who Came Out Of Hiding!

The Bruce was so disgusting that flies were buzzing around him so I convinced him he'd feel ever so much better if he had a bath.  He and Bhaltair submitted to getting washed.  While I was washing Bhaltair, The Bruce got loose and look where he wound up.  SUCH a surprise!  :D  But look how happy he is!  :D
And then the little brat thought he could chew the cork out, I guess.  :)
Not quite so happy now, is he?  Cracks me up how The Bruce can change expressions.