Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting Ready For Craft Fair Season

Oh boy!  How did it get to be the middle of October already?  Hmmm?  Somebody tell me that?  But, to my great dismay, time is running out so I am diving in to all the goodies I have laying around and turning them into wearable art.

There's this nice lady in Turkey who has cool supplies and I got these agates from her.  Man, Turkey is SOOO far away from Hawaii!  :D
Ok, off to make more goodies!  :D


DVArtist said...

Hey you nice to see a post and some new pieces. Very pretty. Wishing you well with the craft fairs.

Trina Prenzi said...

These are lovely Moe!!

I'm with you... How DID it get to be the middle of October already! I can't keep up with how fast the time is flying by!

MoeArt said...

Thanks, MS! I'm getting ready to post another beaded set made with Nicole's Bead Backing! :D

MoeArt said...

Mahalo, Trina! Pretty soon is will be 12/21/12 and we'll all be cowering in our basements. Oh. Wait. Hawaii doesn't HAVE basements! OIKS!! :D

Melobeau said...

Turkey + Hawaii + Moe = a winnner. Take a big breath and repeat, I will be as ready as I'll be.

Sarita said...

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