Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gingerbelle's Toot

Hah!  I am now calling "tutes", "toots" because one day Brian was fixing stuff on the computer and I said...just make me a category for tutes.  When I looked, there was my file called, "Toots".  What a guy.  :D  So... "toots" it will now be.
Back to Gingerbelle.

My friend Ginger who lives in the wilds of Indiana is a clayer and a beader and a generally all around terrific person and crafter.  So, one fine day she came up with the idea of making beaded glasses cases.  I sniveled and whined so she gave me a sneak preview of the toot.  This is what I made:

In case you are wondering what that beautiful green background is...it's Nicole's Bead Backing.  GREAT stuff!  Find Nicole and her wonderful bead backing over there>>>>>>>>> under supplies and shopping or whatever I called it. :)  CRS is a terrible thing. :D

Gingerbelle is really www.Gingerbelsgifts.wordpress.com.  But I call her Gonger or Gingerbelle.  So, she is working on her toot and should be ready soon.  I will go nag her.  :D


DVArtist said...

Hi and thank you sooooo much. I love how you used my Nicole's BeadBacking. I want these photos OK?
You design is awesome. I love the colors too.
http://nicolecampanella.com for Nicole's BeadBacking

MoeArt said...

You betcha, MS! xoxoxo

pammie said...

Moe, just testing something, ignore this, OK?

MoeArt said...

Ok, Pammie