Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goodies Galore

Hi All!

I have tons and tons of goodies that need a new home.  Most are fabric craft items like embroidery floss and fabric and paint on fabric paints and tons of bias tape, quilting stuff and just on and on.  Really ( REALLY!) good deals will be offered.  If you are looking for any fabric craft items, email me if you're interested.  I can better describe what I have and take pictures for you.

 There are dozens and dozens and dozens of never used brand new stencils, too.  Did I mention that I have LOTS of stencils to sell?  Again, I am going to give great deals to whomever is interested.  First come, first served.  Let me know if you are interested!  :D


A life of Assorted Nuts said...

Heyo, Whatcha got in terms of fabric/fabric paint?