Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Monologue On Redecorating

Well, you have probably thought I have forgotten all about you.  Not so.  I have been in the throes of craft room redecorating.  Oh boy.  I will give you some before pix soon.  I have this room about 10 X 10.  Crammed full of all my crafting essentials.  It has the original carpeting in it.  We will not EVEN go there.  The very best thing I can think to say about this carpeting is "revolting." 

But, before we could rip out the carpet, I had to move every single thing out of my room. Whoda thunk that all that crap could come out of ONE room? Really.  I move it all into the living room, the dining area, the lanai and a bit into the master bedroom.  I mean... our condo is over 1300 square feet!  It's like my room is in an alternative universe and crap just keep remaking itself.  Really.

So, the day came when it was time to start.  Brian takes 3 days off work so we can rip out the floor horror in anticipation of Derek The Floor Dude's arrival.  Poor B starts ripping up carpeting. He raced against the Opala Man (that's the garbage man in Hawaii).  He'd rip up a section and I'd run it out to the dumpster.  This was a seriously icky job for both.  We won the race and all the carpet went into the dumpster.  Then we started on the padding.  Gross.  We even found a 27 year old cigarette butt under the padding.  How skanky is THAT!  Eeuuwwww.

Ok, now we are down to bare concrete.  I am a happy girl.  But, now I have to paint.  Before Derek The Floor Dude comes.  So, I tape and primer.  I am happy.  I remove all the electrical covers because we are also changing out all the outlets to bring them into the 21st century.  B even buys me a dimmer switch.  I call the World Famous David, The Electrical Dude.  

This guy is great.  He's been an electrician for decades (more than 3 but less than 10).  But, everything can be done "Two Ways".  Picture Winston Churchill flashing the V for victory sign and you will have David, The Electrical Dude.  Only Japanese.  So, He shows up after I have primered.  He likes the color. Good.  I'm happy.  This is NOT the color the room is going to be. But, if David ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  Never piss off your electrician, your plumber or your bartender.  So, he puts all the stuff in and the freaking dimmer switch is defective.


Lowe's is about 25 miles away.  So, the Electrical Dude does the outlets and leaves.  He tried more than 2 ways to fix it, though. Today we hie ourselves to Lowe's and exchange it.  The new one's packaging looks like it's been savaged by wolves.  Lowe's is having dimmer switch issues. On Monday I will try to reschedule David, The Electrical Dude to come install the newest installment in dimmer switches.  He, of course, will know of Two Ways to do it.  
Now, time for pictures so I can go on to the painting.  :D