Saturday, August 9, 2008

The World's Best Tools

I just heard from my long-lost friend Patti who is one of the coolest women in the world.  She owns the company called Wired Up Beads (I'm pretty sure she has a partner, too) Wired Up Beads is great and if you are in need of any form of tools for beading and/or wire work, I highly recommend Wubbers.  They are just super.  Patti has done some magical thing to them so they don't scratch your wire while you are working with it.  I think it's some Texas secret.  :)  Please look off to your right now and then click on Patti's site, ok?  She has free tutes and all kinds of goodies.  I have a whole set of Wubbers myself but I need more!  I figure I will just set aside a week's worth of massage money and go visit her!  Yay!  New Wubbers!  Yay, findings!  Yay... all kinds of goodies!  Oh boy, I can hardly wait to go Wubber shopping!


Ginny Baker said...

Hi Moe!

I just wanted to thank you again for linking with my blog and to tell you that I really enjoy reading your's.

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Happy claying,

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

I can attest to Wubber's ( and Patti's) greatness....!!! I wouldn't trade mine for the world...!!! Try one'll be hooked...!
Hugs Moe..!!!