Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Oh Hi.  Been a while, hunh?  Nothing fun happened, that's why.  Anyway, I have a new ring box that my friend Ginger sent me. If you look to your right >>>>> and click on Gingerbell's Gifts, you will see her sites.  Anyhow, I made Ginger these tiny little clay frogs.  In return, she sent me some goodies.  Some of which was her wonderful pineapple soap.  My cupboard smells YUM!  So, this is what I did with the ceramic ring box she sent.  :)  

The mysterious helicopters were out again today scaring our cats and generally disrupting the peace.  I have NO idea what they were doing but the last time they were out there, all hell broke loose around here.  So, I hid in my room and didn't do anything until they left.  :D


Ginger said...

Wow Moe. That came out just beautiful...Those are some awesome flowers.

StormyDesigns said...

That's gorgeous Moe!! Love it!!

Kathi said...

wowser Ms Moe. that is beautimous! You and Ginger do good work together.