Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh brother....

Have you ever decided you are going to do something then got sidetracked?  Of course you have. Here is what my ridiculous day looked like...
First, I decided that I wanted some built in shelves and cupboards and bookcases, etc.   So, I call the ever-wonderful Charlie who can make anything.  So, I call Charlie and tell him what I want.

 The big sweetie says sure, he will come towards the end of the week.  Now, you gotta understand that he works on Hawaiian time.  Maybe he will arrive at the end of the week.  Maybe not.  But, I don't care as he does a fabulous job.  And, I will have TONS of storage in my clay room.  WELL worth waiting for.  But first I have to get rid of the chest of drawers and 2 night stands.  I decide I will sell them.  Down to the basement to see if there are any boxes.  I nab two and I'm back and ready to go.  Oh shoot....

Wasn't I going to make my Hunnibunni some chili?  Sure I was.  Let's do that first.  Off to the kitchen.  Hold everything!  I have to pee.  Off to the bathroom.  Oh NO!  Is that really 4 pounds of litter on the floor?  Sigh.... ok, clean the entire bathroom.  That's all done so I toddle back into my craft room all set.  I get settled on the floor all ready to pack up stuff... Poop.  Chili.

Back to the kitchen where I make some wuss chili.  Ok, while I'm there I also make some meatless loaf as I have all the ingredients.  Ok, that's all done NOW I can go empty the 2 nigh stands.  Nope.  I have to do some laundry.  So, I put a load in then settle onto the floor.  Well, crap.  The box I nabbed is falling apart.  Off I go for tape.  

I am pulling long strips of tape off the roll as I walk back into the clay room.  Allie, our darling little black and white kitty does NOT like that sound.  She gets airborn really easy.  So, she flies over my head and out the door.  Poor Als.

By now I am thinking seriously about wine but it's only 10AM.  Sigh......  But, I am tough!  I return to the floor and tape the box.  Godzilla couldn't wreck this box now.  

Ok, I empty out one night stand.  Look at all those yoga tapes!  Hmm, I think they should go to the library as I only actually use two of the tapes.  So, I toddle off to get a library bag.  Uh oh.  Look at all that stuff way up high on that shelf.  Was is all that?  Hmmm, I have to clean that.  Ok, now I have a big bag full for the library.  

So, I got back into finish up in my room...ick.  I really ought to polish the brass on the set I want to sell.  I search high and low for the brass polish.  I KNOW I have some.  So, I think... it must be hiding on the two shelves above the washer and dryer.  So.... yep, I wind up cleaning those two shelves.  Did I find the brass polish?  I did not.  It has been beamed to some foreign planet.

I put in another load then go back to my room.  Ok, I am definitely going to finish up these night stands.  I actually get the bottom of one cleaned out when I decide that some of this crap can go downstairs into our storage.  

Yep, I toddle downstairs and take a look.  Nope.  No way am I tackling that job now.  I stuff the stuff in there and run away.

Back to the craft room.  I took one look at all the stuff on my floor and decided I needed a break.  So, here I am.  Sigh.... I reallyreallyreally have to go finish.  Ever have one of these days?  


Kathi said...

ROFLMAO....dang near every day Ipo.

if you have a yoga tape thats easier for an old gimp that you don't want to donate to the library...I know an old gimp who would love one.

MoeArt said...

Ok, I found an easy one for my favorite old gimp. :D