Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thoughts On The Upcoming Christmas Season

Ok, I can hear all of you from here!  No bellyaching!  Christmas is on the way!  Truly, it is.  :)  So, I have been thinking about what to make.  A few years ago I made a bunch of ornaments.  They didn't sell until the next year when I practically sold out.  Naturally, eeejit that I am, I made more.  Did they sell last year?  They did not.  There was a huge sign visible to all but me that screamed, "Do NOT buy Christmas ornaments from Moe this year!"  Hah.  This year I am getting out that light the cops use to look for blood traces to make sure that sign is no where around.  AND... I am making ornaments.  I made a very cool mokume gane star in pinks and silver.  VERY nice.  It is cooking its little heart out as we speak.  I will make more stars as I am a big fan of stars.

And my friend informs me that about 100 billion Altoids boxes are on their way to me so I will be covering them, too.  Yes, Elaine, some will be winging their way to Canada to live with you, too.  Except you will have to wash them.  :)

So, what do you all think about stars for ornaments?  Anybody got any fun ideas of other ornaments that you think would be cute?  And is there a color for Christmas this year?  Ever year there is something besides the traditional.  I wonder what it is this year?  Anyone know?  It's probably puce.  :D


Patti said...

Hi Maureen! I bought your Chistmas ornaments last year and I LOVE them!!!

You asked for suggestions on new ornaments to make, and I vote that you make a train!!! A caricature train would work great. I would like to give them to my grandsons for Christmas.

What a lovely blog you have! I will have to visit often.
Hugs from Texas,

MoeArt said...

Hey! I have been thinking and thinking of you! It's SOOOO good to hear from you. Hmmmm, I will make a post soon on the wonderful Wubbers! I saw a full page ad this very morning and thought of you.

Many thanks for the train suggestion. I actually did think of that just because of you! I will come up with some designs. :D


Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

If your trend is right Moe....this is your ornament year..! You should sell out again...!!!