Thursday, November 3, 2011

Resin and A Bangle

And so, one fine day I was grouching on my clay forum about this resin I'd purchased that was very expensive then just quit working.  Later on, I got this nice email from a man named Terry.  He makes resin and offered to send me a sample.  Well, not only did he send me a sample but it came with this really cool metal applicator.  And it works GREAT!  I only needed a small amount, too.   Here's the purse holder I made.
I put several drops on then spread it with a tooth pick.  There were a few air bubbles but not many.  I dropped the purse holder on my desk a few times which brought the bubbles to the top where they popped all by themselves.  A couple I touched with my finger and they were gone.  Then I put the holder out in the sunshine.

When it was dry I found one tiny air bubble I'd missed so I put on another coat and back into the sunshine it went.  It's taken way longer than it should because it's been cloudy and rainy here.  But, no matter, the purse holder hardened up nicely and that air bubble is no more.  :)

This stuff is super, yanno!  It doesn't pull away from the edges like the other unnamed resin I had.  It stays where you put it and is really good stuff.  Here is Terry's site in case any of you are interested.  It's

And then I got insane and decided I just *HAD* to make this bangle that was on the cover of Bead & Button a couple months ago.  It didn't look ALL that difficult.  Hah.  Let me tell you that it was a bear to make.  But, it came out pretty and I like it a lot.  :)  Isn't that amber color just too gorgeous?  I love it.


Cara Jane said...

oh I am so tempted to try some resin, couldn't rely on sunshine here in the UK will need to get a lamp... maybe I'll get one for Christmas!

love the bracelet, it looks very fiddly to me!

MoeArt said...

Yeah, I was surprised at how expensive those lamps wer1 You can get the mix it yourself resin and you don't need a lamp, it will harden overnight no matter where you put it. That stuff is way cheaper. :)

Yep, the bracelet was definitely fiddly. :D