Friday, December 17, 2010

Pen Crazy

And so, I covered more pens.  All these great cane makers!  The flowers are from Anat in Israel.  You can find her gorgeous canes on Etsy.  I think she's the only Anat.  :)  The pastel retro is Carolyn's cane.  Carolyn's site is over there>>>> under polymer clay pals.  ;)  Isn't it cool?  And the red one is Jackie's.  She's the Pleasant Pheasant on Etsy.  Jackie makes super duper kaleidoscope canes.  I made some purse hangers from Anat's cane, too but I didn't get them finished yet.  :(


Jackie said...

I just must keep up with my blog reading - here is another that I've missed. Wow, Moe, you make the BEST pens - look at how awesome these are! Really really awesome! I love all three of them equally and a lot. Glad you are able to use some of my canes, neat.

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