Sunday, December 5, 2010

Angie's Salt

Angie, my friend who is aka The Fluze, makes salt.  Well, she doesn't actually *create* the salt (or, does she?) but she makes this fabulous spiced salt where she bakes herbs and spices right into Hawaiian sea salt.  She does original and spicy.  Being as she, for some unknown reason, thought her grand kid's birthday was more important than coming to my craft fair, I told her I'd put it out at my fair.  It was a total hit!  Course now she's gonna have to try and get the loot from me, isn't she? Heh heh...........  Here's a picture of her onolicious salt!


Pammie said...

Oohhh.... tell me MORE! I am interested! Any Black Salt by chance?? I am interested in the regular flavor, not the spicy... Can't do spicy anymore. =0(

MoeArt said...

I have some bottles of original left. It's not black salt. I don't know what that is?? Email me, ok? xoxoxo