Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Good News/The Bad News

We all like good news so I will start with that.  My friend had asked for some special beads and I couldn't find them so I was looking at every bead site in the world when I came upon a company called Brass Bouquet.  They had gorgeous brass beads, stations, ear wires, and more.  I emailed them to see if the shipping included Hawaii.  You just don't know how many times I get hit with.. Hawaii?  That'll be another billion dollars in shipping.  :(

Anyway, I got an immediate answer from BB and lo and behold... no hidden shipping costs!  YAY!  I ordered a bunch of goodies.

Today my order came.  Their stuff is wonderful!  Really!  Just beautiful brass beads and end caps and lots of cool things.  All of it is made perfectly and made me want to go order more! 

So, I say, go take a look!  www.brassbouquet.com.  They sent me a free present, too.  And you all know how I just LOVE presents!  I have to go and put them in my shopping list so anyone who looks here can find them here but first I have to give the bad news.  :(

I love mail order catalogs.  In all the years I have been ordering from them, I can say that I have rarely, if ever, had a problem.  And I NEVER had one totally ignore me.  Until now.  Acacia.  If you have even the slightest inkling that you might want to order from these people, I say... DON'T DO IT!  Never order from Acacia.  Here is what happened.  

I ordered 2 trays.  I paid for them and $9.95 in shipping.  About two weeks after I ordered, I received ONE tray.  I promptly called and spoke to a very nice woman who said she'd send me the other tray.  Fine.  Mistakes happen. That's ok.  Another two weeks go by and I receive my second tray.  Great.  Until I look at my invoice.  They are charging me $5.95 for shipping.  Yep. They made a mistake and are charging me for it.  I called.  I called and I called.  To date, I have spent a grand total of 23 minutes on hold waiting to talk to someone.  I sent emails.  All of which have been ignored.  Then today I get my Visa bill.  Yep.  You guessed it.  Despite all my emails, they still charged me another $5.95 for shipping.

So, to combat this deplorable service and attitude, I am telling everyone who will listen that Acacia is ripping me off.  If they do this to everyone, can you imagine the amount of money they make?  Acacia stinks.

Now, I know you are all saying, dispute this charge.  I will.  And I will take my invoices to the bank where I have written down all the information, including the name of the person I spoke with.  But, I do want you all to know that Acacia is a lousy company to treat a customer this way.  This is just my way of fighting back.  If they won't listen to a legitimate complaint, then I will announce their practices.  Please don't order from this company... Acacia.  They stink.


Gilly said...

So, Ms. Moe, what are you really saying here? You don't like Arcadia? Is that it?

MoeArt said...

Well, Arcadia might be ok but Acacia sucks. :D

Gilly said...

Oh BUM! Silly me. Blame it on the drugs :-))