Thursday, December 4, 2008

Awards and Other Fun Stuff

Katie, that little sweetie from Katie's Clay Corner, passed on an award! To me! Wow! I am so excited! If you will toddle over to Katie's blog, she will tell you about it. I'm not sure how to tell the whole story but the award is for cool things and cool people who create. So, I am to pass it on to, also. I can do that!
Stormy; www.
I hope I have everyone's addresses right! If not... look over there>>>>>> they are listed. :) And Katie... thanks a million for changing your background! Now, not the one you grew up in... the one on your site. :D xoxo


Anonymous said...

tanks for the award Ipo :D

Katie said...

I knew what you meant!! I had a hard time reading it, too.....This one is much easier to see!! Thanks for saying something!!

And your welcome!! I'm glad to share the award with you! I'll have to check out all the people you sent it to.

~Oh, and thanks for all the great comments, your making my head swell a little:)!!

MoeArt said...

Good. Patting yourself on the back is good. :D

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Thanks for the plug Moe... You are too sweet...! I love coming to your always crack me up...!Hugs..!