Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Better

Well, thanks to all of your good wishes (in spite of the chicken soup thing) I am all better.  I hope everyone has great pals (like all of you) to wish them well when they are sick!  And, Stormy, I like the hot toddy suggestion the very best!  :)  Even though I couldn't have faced it.  I can now!  :D

So, I want to just say this about politics.  I have been reading blogs and stuff.  Everyone's got their opinions and wants you to think as they do.  That's ok.  But, here's what I have to say about the whole thing:  You love Obama?  Great.  Vote for him.  You love McCain?  Super.  Vote for him.  If you "hate" one of the VP's (and man, am I tired of hearing all the hate going around) get over it.  Hate is what's wrecking our planet.

 The VP is not running for Pres.  I don't really care about heart beats.  Every VP in the history of this country is the heartbeat thing away.  Most likely we are unable to tell you who the VP was 12 years ago.  It's not important.  Vote for the person YOU like.  Don't put it on someone else, just make yourself happy and vote for the person YOU want.  It's your country and your right.  Just remember to keep loving your friends no matter whom they vote for.  They are much more important in your everyday life.

That's why we live here.  So we can do that.  You are free to love whom you love, not love whom you don't and to vote for whomever you want.  So, go forth and do what makes you happy.  You want to vote.... vote.  You don't want to vote... don't vote.  It is your right.  Welcome to America.