Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why Bhaltair Is Valiant

Well, you have all met Bhaltair The Valiant.  His picture is right below.  Now that he has recovered from jet lag he'd like you to know why he has a little limp and only one ear.  The poor baby!  He is a valiant warrior who fought bravely at the Fierce Battle of Fassfern where he fought the infamous Chriss The Terrible.  He, at great cost to himself, triumphed and was knighted by his queen.  But, he has scars.  He has a wee leg wound and lost his right ear in the battle.  In his magnanimity, he has forgiven Chriss The Terrible, and has decided that we can all live together! What a Wee Cow!

Bhaltair is a unassuming sort, though.  He does not call himself "Sir Bhaltair" even though he is entitled.  He will be going on adventures with The Bruce, who has calmed down and now seems amenable to having a friend along.  So, both Bhaltair and The Bruce hope you will follow along with them as they go about Hawaii seeking fun and frolicking in the sunshine.