Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amber, sorta

As you know, I have been trying to make faux amber.  I have been a magnificent failure whereupon I named my creations, "Moestones".  But, undaunted, I persevered.  Fat lot of good THAT did!  :(  So, I am still in pursuit of the elusive amber.  These are the current incarnation of moestones.  I guess if someone emailed me and said, "Moe!  I have been looking positively everywhere for red spotted dalmation stones!  Quick!  I will buy them!" I'd be in good shape.  Whaddaya think the chances of that happening are?  JUST what I think, too.  :(  So, feast your eyes upon the red spotted moestones.  I will wear them and tell people they are a very rare find.  Well, stop looking like that!  It's true.  They are rare.  :D