Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jet Engines

I thought I was done here but it appears that while I was asleep, menehunes came and erected an airport in the street across the valley.  Really.  I am minding my own business and jet engines are rev-ing up.  Now, you might think, well, Moe lives in a city.  NO!  Moe lives in the suburbs where jet engines or even the whole jet! are not allowed as they might disturb the residents.  They don't even allow planes to fly over head.  Count my nosehairs, peasants!

After a brief and noisy visit to my lanai I see the cops, the firemen and...HOMELAND SECURITY! aka army helicopters.  All leaving from our peaceful valley.  One of two things have happened here.  Either Osama bin Laden is hiding, not in a cave in Pakistan, but in a valley in Hawaii. OR... they have arrested and removed in shackles, my pal Angie who lives about a block from said disturbance.  My vote is Ang.  Don't worry, GF!  I will bring you cupcakes in prison!  :D


Angie said...

Ah, yes! I returned from my morning escape (I led all to believe I was at Dr. appts.) to find that the SWAT team was indeed paid a visit to my quiet and serene valley. Whew! But my poor kitties must have been terrified. Maybe that'll explain the 'and where have you been all of our lives' welcome I got as I sauntered into the house. Alas, I shall be very cautious before leaving the house - and my boyos. Must be vigilant!