Friday, May 2, 2008

Well, That Didn't Work

It's all too much for me.  But, this size is fine, isn't it?  I can't see why I would need to have the picture any bigger, can you?

Anyway, this beautiful pendant was given to me by Chris, in Scotland.  It's just gorgeous.  It had blue in it, too but you can't see it.  And I don't know what she did to it but it's really lightweight. She swears it's just clay.  I love it!  I wire wrapped it in copper and think it came out dandy!

Now I am going to try a couple more photos, ok?  Am I having fun yet?


Bubblyart said...

Cross my heart and more of that stuff !!
This was made with the remnants of a cane - the big distorted end piece of one. And I made this one LONG before someone enlightened me about using foil as a core.

I loved the way it came out and knew that it had to go to Hawaii!

I am sooo glad you like it Moe, and with your marvellous wrapping around it, it looks simply marvelous !
Thank you