Monday, May 5, 2008

The Bruce Makes His Debut

Several weeks ago my friend Chris in Scotland sent me one of her creations.  It's a Highland Cow! Now, whoda thunk that the Highlands of Scotland grow their very own cows?  I immediately named my wee cow," The Bruce" after the Scottish hero Robert the Bruce.  Since we have had The Bruce, we have been taking him all over Hawaii on various adventures.  Today, you get to meet The Bruce!  And because The Bruce has been such a monumental hit everywhere we go, Chris has started her business called Wee Highland Cows.  Her website is We are hoping that everyone will get their own wee cow and take it on adventures wherever they live.   Chris' site should be up and running within a couple weeks but she has an introduction so please go look.  

The Bruce has been VERY spoiled because he is the center of attention.  He came to Hawaii so he had to have shades and a lei.  Now he thinks he is the cat's meow and has turned into QUITE the camera hog.  Here are the first pictures.  It's The Bruce's Debut!