Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Big Piggy

My sister Michele ordered three piggy banks.  What a girl.  So, my friend Ginger (gingerbell'sgifts) sent me some.  Due to some glitch in the universal piggy force field none of the piggies are the same size.  You know... most people would get pigs that matched.  Nope.  I got, from two shipments... BOTH form Ginger, three different piggies.  Hmmm, maybe GINGER is the cause of the glitch!  Makes sense to me.  Girl has snorted way too many soap fumes.

Anyway, here is my final piggy for Michele.  It's one of the big ones.  I like it!  Do you?

And, before I forget... I know there must be some way to respond to all you lovely people who are leaving me comments.  Sadly, doof that I am, I haven't found out how to do so yet.  I am optimistic that one of you will take pity on me and help me out.  But, until I do, a big fat MAHALO! to all of you for taking the time to read my blog and send in your comments.  You guys are cool!


Kathi said...

it's real easy to answer everyone, just leave a comment on your own blog *g*

Stormy Designs said...

LOL yeah, what Kathi said :-) Love the piggy!