Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bruce Goes To A Birthday PArty

Well, the little lush is at it again!  Our friends Hans and Joe had a combination birthday/sushi/moving in party last night.  FAR too much fun was had by all.  As you can see, The Bruce got a new party hat which I promptly dropped upon which the little ball on top fell of.  Sigh.... And this without any wine yet!  But, The Bruce got to meet Kojiisan the master sushi chef and he saw his first sushi.  The Bruce was not amused at raw fish.  He ate the parsley decoration.

Hans asked me to make a cake but Joe wanted carrot cake cupcakes.  Like an idiot, I said, sure! I didn't have the heart to tell them I hadn't baked in 40 years.  :D  So, I toddled off to the vegetarian carrot cake recipes and found a vegan one.  Because I had no idea what I was doing and am unable to convert from a cake cake to cupcakes, I just made what it called for.  So, Mr. Murphy and his wretched Law came visiting and I wound up with exactly enough batter for 24 cupcakes.  JUST the number I was supposed to bring to the party.  Swell.

How, you ask, did I tell if the cupcakes were edible?  I didn't.  I just winged it and hoped everyone had enough to drink so if they tasted like doodoo, nobody would care.  As you see, Hans was busy pointing out the orange sprinkles on top.  Orange meaning it was carrots.  Just in case people couldn't tell by 4 thousand carrots inside.  But, the happy ending was, the cupcakes were great!  Having learned my lesson over the years, I waited until everyone was done eating  before I informed them that they had just eaten and loved vegan cupcakes (weg). It's no wonder The Bruce drank too much wine.  He was just dying to yell....hahahahah, that's NOT cream cheese!  I wonder if they will invites us again?


Bubblyart said...

hehe !! !I like Brucies hat ! It suits him.

Glad he behaved.. at least someone did LOL.

Thanks for giving him such an exciting live Moe !

catherien said...

He didn't eat the sushi? Hey what's wrong with The Bruce? LOL. Tell him just to eat the california rolls then. Nothing raw in there. Poor guy. Better keep him away from the wasabi~