Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bhaltair The Valiant Arrives

We have BIG trouble!  Giant, humongous, large trouble.  The Bruce had to face the fact that he is not the only Wee Cow in the universe.  It was most traumatic.  Bhaltair The Valiant arrived today. And, we found out that, in gaelic, bh is pronounced as a V.  So, his name is... Valtair or... Walter. But, I digress.  I am trying to ignore the sibling rivalry and The Bruce's complete and utter ungraciousness.  I do believe he will have to have a serious attitude adjustment in the very near future.

The Bruce received a new tam o'shanter and his very own blankie embroidered with his name but even that wasn't enough!  He had to face off with Bhaltair and act like a barbarian.  Then, after he recovered from his fainting fit, he threw his wee suitcase at Bhaltair and ordered him to leave! Oh NO!  What more is to come???


Angie said...

Well, isn't he a wee fine friend for The Bruce! He'll come around. They'll be buddy, buddy brothers in no time. But, Mama dearest, methinks he needs a friend of the female persuasion. Ah, but then you'd probably have to get 2 to avoid the sibling rivalry. Oh, what a fix you are in. (Tee! Hee!) - Angie

Kathi said...

I think you are about to discover the *joys* of sibling rivalry. I expect to hear all sorts of fun noises coming from the west in the next week or so. With all the "fun" The Bruce has gotten into, you just had to go and birth another one? Oy.

catherien said...

Wonderful! I love their tartan, especially the caps. Fantastic. I think you guys are really onto something here... besides the sibling rivalry and temper tantrum the Bruce is acting out.

I love your blog, sweetie. It's one of my faves.