Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Faux Larimar

So, did anyone ever hear of this stone?  I never did.  Apparently it comes from the one and only mine in the whole world which is in the Dominican Republic.  Who knew?  Anyway, this stone is absolutely gorgeous!  Shades of white with turquoise and sapphire.  It looks like Hawaiian waters.  Just beautiful!  Anyway, it leant itself to polymer clay really well.  I think it's wonderful. What do you think?


Bubblyart said...

I think it is absolutely astonishing and so different from all the other faux that are around ! Really lovely !!!
I also very much like the summery necklace you made and are selling on Etsy. Great stuff (for someone who was not going to make anymore jewellery !LOL)

Earth and Fire beads said...

I think this is gorgeous - it has a look of glass about it too. I love how the colours swirl and blend beautifully.

MoeArt said...

Many thanks E&F. That's a grand name, BTW. I'm all happy as I just got a commission to make this faux stone into earrings. Yay!