Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bruce Goes To Dinner

Well, the little pill is at it again.  He went to a play where he behaved admirably.  Apparently it was too much as, when he got to the restaurant, he immediately started yelling for the waiter. Then he got some chianti but realized he'd never had that before.  The Bruce loved it and drank it way too fast!  So, Charles, our benevolent waiter, showed The Bruce that he would bring him some more.  But... when the bill came...oh NO!  The Bruce fainted while Charles was saying...PAY ME!  LIfe is tough with The Bruce.


Kathi said...

you son is an alcoholic gf. Time to put him on the wagon I am thinking. Did *YOU* bail The Bruce out and pay?

Melissa said...

You are insane. Certifiable.

Melissa said...

But in a nice way, I meant to add!