Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Musings

The first thing I have to says is... What's the matter, Kathi!  You didn't like being a dragong? SOOO hard to please this girl!  :D 

Today I was setting about covering this adorable little ceramic pig that my friend gave me.  So, I go into my cane stash and find that one of my favorite canes has this black stuff all over it.  BecauseI live in Hawaii the first thought is, " YUCK!  Spors, mold and fungus."  Ick.  So, I pulled it out and looked.  I was SO sure green crud would be growing all over.  But, it was an intelligence crisis!  

I had purchased some canes for the fabulous canemaker Sue Castle.  Sue wrote on the bubble wrap with a black marker.  So, I rewrapped my cane in that bubble wrap but didn't pay any attention to the marker.  It very nicely transferred itself onto my beautiful cane.  We are NOT amused!  If only the transfers we want to happen were so easy!  


Bubblyart said...

hmmm... you may just have found a new technique !!! going to try this now !

shhhhh... The Moe Transfer Technique !