Monday, April 28, 2008

More On Name Calling

My cousin Ian's fertile brain is at it again!  Today he came up with "farbelucent" from the German "farbe" meaning "color" and "lucent" meaning "bright".  It's a great word and the FIMO people will love it.  Might be too hard to say, though.  Then he came up with "polylucent".  This is good, no?  It would be really nice to have something to cll clay that sounds better than "polymer".  I like "Artist Clay".  If we are not naming a new product, is there any problem with calling it that? I know it is close to Art Clay but we are not going to do anything but refer to all polymer clay, right?  As Art Clay is the silver clay, it's not polymer, is it?  Maybe I need to go to law school.  


Bubblyart said...

In French it sounds a lot nicer : Pate polymere (I don't have the right character set on my keyboard for the accents)... or in Italian : Argilla polymera...

hmmm... will need to give this some serious though.. I like the farbelucent one.. only .. it is not always light.
will be back !