Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Even More Goodies!

And here are some more things I have been making.  The turquoise and coral came out really well, methinks.  I am happy.  I used sterling and wire wrapped the turquoise.  I also put a leaf texture on the turquoise but I don't think it showed up too well in the pictures.  

The spoon is half of a salad set I had in a drawer for ages. For some reason a piece of clay just kind of fell off after curing so I pretended it was drywall and plastered it!  :)  I used clay for those of you who are twitching thinking I used dry wall paste.  When I get brave I will do the fork to match.  Ok, so it won't match.  It'll go with the spoon.  Howz that?

And the orange necklace is most likely going to wind up in my drawer.  I love orange.  I'm having approach/avoidance with this necklace.  I want to put it on Etsy but I also want to keep it.  SUCH a dilemma!  


Stormy Designs said...

Love both necklaces, great wrapping on the turquoise. Love the spoon too! I haven't tried one yet, can't find one I like to cover.