Saturday, April 19, 2008

Muses and Stuff

The wonderful and extremely talented Naama had a post on her blog about muses and what inspires people.  That's a super question.  Lots of people can say, "well, this thing happened and I never looked back..."  or something close to that.  In actuality, I have NO idea what inspired me. 

When I sit at my clay table, whatever happens, happens.  It's a rare thing that I decide I want to make a particular thing then sit down to make it.  The only time I've done that recently is with the faux things.  I had been reading about them and thought I'd like to make some.  So, I did.
What do YOU do?  Just whatever happens or do you sit down with a plan in mind?

I have to ask Naama is she wants to trade links.  That woman is SOOO talented.  She lives in Israel.  I wish she were closer.  She's a person I would love to get to know!  But, if you have time... go look at her stuff on PCC!


Bubblyart said...

Ha.. you know that I sit with plan in mind.. then get sidetracked and end up trying something completely different.

Mostly it is the shape of an object that "talks" to me.. and which decides what I want to do with it.

Sometimes I just see an inspiring e-mail LOL.. and I get on with it.

Sarah said...

HI Moe!
I am on a faux kick myself--turquoise! I have neckalce nearly done and am hunting finishing techniques ( wire and such) for the rest. Maybe I'll post a pix somewhere soon.