Sunday, April 27, 2008

A New Piggy Bank

My friend sent me this cute little ceramic piggy bank.  So, I decided to cover it with cane slices.  It came out really nice so I hope you'll go look at it on my Etsy shop.  The pictures are just too big to post here.  

Also, I am really interested in what make people read blogs.  What brought you here and why do you read other blogs?  Do you post on blogs or just read what they have to say?  What interests you?  I know I will go read a friend's or one that's talking about clay but I've always wondered what brings people to a stranger's blog.  Any suggestions and comments will be vastly appreciated!


Kathi said...

Because I love reading someone who is stranger then me, writing about strange things :D

Bubblyart said...

well.. since you asked...

here it goes ! These days people tend to have a blog rather than a website because it is easier and cheaper to maintain. :D

I like to roam several blogs and you made me think about it. Why do I roam certain blogs and not others ?

Because some people find the most interesting links to things they have seen, which normally, I would never come accross.

I also get sidetracked by clicking on links on other people's blogs.. just out of curiousity which brings me to unexplored territory.

BUT I must admit that I mostly read, I rarely leave comments.

If I find that I cannot really contribute any useful comment, I leave it to others.

Maybe others do the same ?

oh yes... and it takes a while before people get used to checking your blog regularly... the best ways to attract people is :
to link with many,
to post frequently,
to make it in such a way that people will WANT to come and read your blog.

big hugs