Thursday, April 17, 2008


Here are the rest of my various colors of mokume gane.  I can not BELIEVE I didn't see the cat hair in the picture with the heart.  Hence the name Hair Heart.  I think their hair just floats around until I need to take a picture, then it lands conveniently in the photo.  :)


Bubblyart said...

WONDERFUL ! I want to try this too !
And if you would not have mentioned the hair.. I would not have looked for it .. LOL

Ginger said...

Glad it finally worked. Nice MG Miss Moe!

Kathi said...

Persistence is your middle name. Good onya for fighting through to get these posted! need to edit images for a small thumbnail thats clickable to a large image of your pretties so we can see them close up :)

Looks like Chris has some more tutoring to do1 MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

::::: hides from Moe before she gits me::::::

oh the mg's. bet they are super yummy to fondle.