Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Goodies of Clay Pals

This afternoon I received my order from Gingerbell's Gifts.  (go look at her site, ok?)  Now, this Ginger!  She is SOOOO talented.  Sigh..... Lately Ginger has been making creams and soaps instead of or in addition to clay things.  So,  good friend that I am, I bought some.  WOW!  Great stuff!  The other day I got sunburned on the tops of my shoulders.  I have been putting Ginger's cream on and not a peel in sight!  I can't remember that ever happening!  Over the years we have all tried all the remedies.  Sunburned skin always peels, right?  Ok, I just checked... no peeling! Not only does her stuff work great but it smells wonderful.

A couple days ago I opened a new soap and threw away the packaging.  A couple hours later I walked into the kitchen and thought, "wow, what is that wonderful smell?"  I finally realized it was the soap wrapping!  WTG, GF!  She can open a store and sell soap wrapping!  :D


Ginger said...

Thanks for the love my friend. Ouch sun burn I am pleased the cream helped.