Sunday, April 20, 2008

More On The Name of Clay

There are good thoughts in these responses.  Thanks you for posting!  I'm thinking just "it's clay" might be the answer.  I agree totally with the low firing clay suggestion, tho.  Hmmmmm.  I like just saying it's clay.  Of course, the next question will be, "Ceramic?" So, next time someone asks me I will try both of these suggestions and see what reaction I get.  And let you know!  

It's funny how words can make such a difference.... or not.  When I have craft fairs at our home, I get lots of people, many of whom want to know what my creations are made of.  Most don't seem to care.  But, I have noticed that the few who did turn up noses at the words, "polymer clay", went ahead and bought stuff anyhow.  Maybe we can just tell them it's solid gold and we painted it!  :D


Bubblyart said...

You're on !!! Solid gold painted. I like that one.. !

It is just so silly but there is a lot of sillyness in this world.


catherien said...

"Maybe we could just tell them it's gold and we painted it."

*snorfle* Loved that part. *chuckling*