Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Fun Thing

Well, I have discovered a fun thing.   Quite some time ago, my pal Stormy, sent me her sleeve.  How cool is that?  :)  One sleeve.  What a girl!  She sent it to me so I could make a buffer for my handy Dremel.  I did this thing.  It was a mess.  I buffed and it looked.... ok.  Just ok.  So, I said, "Self?  WHAT is everyone raving about?"  Self had no clue.  Then Chris took pity on me and sent me a buffer that she painstakingly sewed.  It even has little blood spots to show her devotion.  (NOT!)  I tried it.  It was.... ok.  Self was NOT amused.  There MUST be something to all this buffing self cried!  I mean, I have this GORGEOUS pin from Seana.  All buffed and glossy.  

So, I says,"Self, listen up.  We are going to buff our little hearts out."  I got down on my hands and knees on my floor, trusty Dremel in hand and resolved not to get up until I had GLOSS!  I had just made some exceedingly cool mokume gane beads.  You will get to see them tomorrow. Anyway, I buffed and buffed.  I kept buffing and lo and behold!  What did I see but GLOSS!  Oiks!  It worked!  I am a happy girl.  Not only do I have wonderful MG but now I have wonderful glossy MG.  This could easily put the Fimo corporation out of business!  The saga continues tomorrow!


Kathi said...

what?? you expected gloss in a microsecond? silly silly Moe. Your pendants below look mahvalous dahlink. can't wait to see the buffed ones

Bubblyart said...

testing testing.. trying to see if this works

Angie said...

OK, Girlfriend, I'm drooling over your latest postings. I have sent your website out to 2 of my friends so they can also drool and pass the word around. OK - back to work. Charlie is sitting here on my papers ready to dig in and help! This should be interesting! :) Have a good one.