Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Names For Clay

Another fun thing happened today.  I was chatting with my cousin in Houston.  He said that he, too, thought of plastic when he hears the word "polymer".  Ian suggested "Brilliant Clay" or "Smart Clay".  Or even better, IMO, "Clay Brilliant".  Is this guy terrific, or what!  I love that name!  What do YOU think?  Chime in here, ok?  The more thoughts, the better.  And let's hear it for my cousin Ian!  YAY, IAN!  ::::::Hands are clapping and smooches are bestowed::::::


Bubblyart said...

Ian's are good !!! LOL.. but then again, I am biased.

I like the smart clay or clay brilliant.. good thinking. Will have to try all of these methinks, and write a small report on people's reactions "shrugs in disgust", "opens eyes widely in disbelief", "buys my whole stock".

yep... good thinking !

Kathi said...

good on Ian.

by the way....you spelled Dragonsglass wrong on the links gf...but the link works :)