Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Musing

The other day a client of mine made the comment that he thought clay artists would sell more if we didn't have to call it, "Polymer clay".  He said when he hears the word "polymer", he thinks, "plastic".  And, he is correct.  That's basically what polymer is.

The more I thought about it, the more I think he's on to something.  Joe said that to him, the words, "polymer clay", sounded less than elegant.  We are all so used to it, it's doubtful that we even think about it.  I sure don't.  But, it did make sense... what Joe was saying. Personally, I don't see what else we could call it, though. 

Now, I know the arguments for... so what! It's the end result. And that is certainly valid.  And... WE know that.  But, do people who don't know what clay is and can do, think "plastic", too? Any thoughts, friends?


Bubblyart said...

"low heat firing clay" ? I totally agree and have come accross the same reaction a few times.. especially in this "green environmentally aware" world we live in today. If anyone objects.. I am ready ! If they are driving a car, have a mobile phone, take plastic shopping bags home, have remote controls in their houses, etc. ... they have no foot to stand on.

People who make ceramics are never criticised for this although a kiln uses a massive amount of electricity, the clay needs transporting to areas where there is little available and a lot of the glazes used contain metal.

Also.. people do not have a problem with buying furniture made from inferior wood with veneers glued on top... toxic paints and glues all over the house... but that is alright.
grr... you asked LOL.

no.. low heat firing clay... sounds good to me

for the nitpicking ones.

Stormy Designs said...

Let's drop the polymer LOL. I bet clay artist would go over much better. Hey, check out my new blog
I linked to your blog. Huggers